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Wellfuel works with executive teams and upper level management at companies of all sizes and across all industries, to create and execute daily food and wellness platforms that empower and energize company leaders.

Co-founded by leading nutrition experts in Integrative Functional Nutrition, Wellfuel food and wellness platforms are expert-curated to optimize performance, brain health, and overall health.

Wellfuel customizes each account to fit the unique needs, and desires of the client.

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Businesses who realize the importance of fueling their leadership team powerfully and healthfully, but who want experts to organize it and make it happen.

We work with both large and small businesses, from boutique to public.

Wellfuel works with upper level management and executives to provide and organize strategic execution of food production and work to support the productivity, health and success of the business.

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Wellfuel is based in both New York and Boston, but works with companies and clients all over the US.

We first meet with the client to assess needs and holes in the current food, wellness, procurement platform.

Next, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal with how we’ll work (usually our proposals include an assessment, creation and execution phase), then we’ll get started.

Here is a list of some of the services we offer:

  • Needs assessment for each unique client
  • Continuous process analysis to ensure high quality food, service and procedure
  • Weekly menu creation and management
  • Snack ordering and regular rotation of offerings
  • Management of kitchen and related staff including hiring needs, role responsibilities and training new food related personnel
  • Manage and oversee communication between kitchen and executive clients
  • Routine communication with executives about menus and related updates
  • Individual wellness and nutrition coaching (as well as lectures and seminars)
  • Wellness and leadership retreats for executives
  • … and more!

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Who Isabel and Abby Have Worked With

Over the years, we have been honored to work with many wonderful clients to help with menu planning, leadership coaching, snack procurement, workshops, lectures, and more.

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Our Background

Isabel and Abby are long time friends and like-minded colleagues. Isabel and Abby both work holistically with their individual and corporate clients to improve health, happiness and performance. Isabel and Abby have run their own successful nutrition practices for 5+ years, but have always wanted to team up.

Having both worked extensively in the corporate wellness field, Isabel and Abby recognized that corporate wellness focused largely on the employees rather than the executive leadership who drive the direction, motivation and focus of the company.

Recognizing the opportunity to reach and help more companies and leaders, Isabel and Abby launched Wellfuel with a goal of addressing and solving the unique food and nutrition needs of the upper management and executive teams to streamline process, optimize individual performance and promote the greater success of the business.

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